GREENVILLE, S.C. (WSPA) – Those who have been looking for fun and a way to exercise should take a look at the Swamp Rabbit Trail throughout Greenville County.

The 22 mile stretch from Travelers Rest through the city of Greenville has natural beauty and art installations, as well as, foods, beverages and even some pet friendly accommodations.

One of the most suggested stops along the Swamp Rabbit Trail is to ride your bike to the bustling Swamp Rabbit Cafe & Grocery for local items. Co-owner Mary Walsh said they have a ton of locally grown fruits and vegetables.

“We have peaches, blueberries, raspberries. Strawberries are kind of trickling, it’s at the end of the season. But, the fruits are really exciting now too,”Walsh said.

Walsh explained that her business has been open throughout the pandemic and has constantly been evolving to accommodate to COVID19 rules. So, visitors don’t have to be afraid to come out, because staff are continuously creating a healthy, safe, family friend experience.

“Everything is different, but you can still get everything here,” Walsh said. “There’s lots of space to spread out and not be too close to people. So, that’s really nice too and we like to assure people, we have an extra person on staff. Basically, almost at all times, just to wipe down tables and registers, and outdoor handles.”

But that doesn’t mean you can’t go inside the building to shop at the grocery store. It’s just that purchasing everything is done outside, to avoid having lines of people indoors with not as much airflow versus outdoors.

 “We wanted to do everything we could to keep as many people out of the building as possible. So, right now you can come here, order a sandwich, order a latte and do all that from our outdoor registers over here. You can pick it up, and you can do all that, without having to enter the building,” Walsh said.

Now the Swamp Rabbit Trail doesn’t just cater to humans. Our furry four-legged friends can also benefit from the trail by getting some exercise, as well as, top treatment at the Noble Dog Hotel.

Hotel Director of Marketing, Taylor Edwards, said the reason for top not dog care is simple, they want the dogs to be as happy as they would be with you.

“Most parents of dogs are going to try to do the very best for their dog at home. We want to give them an idea that we’re going to do at least as good as you do at home. We might even do somethings that you never even thought of,” Edwards said.

The Noble Dog offers boarding, day care, and training options for their clients. At the facility, in addition to open play areas, suite style living quarters, there are also live webcams to watch your dog play.

While the Noble Dog’s Mascot Nessie may not give your furry pup a ton of attention, there are plenty of other four and two legged companions available.

“Long walks, like 20-30 minutes. You can do, extra one on one time, play ball with them. We have outside yards in the back of this Hampton Station Area. So, we can go play with them out there. We even, honestly, we’ll read stories to them at night. That’s an extra service but, it kinda soothes them. It’s not about the story, it’s just about that one on one time before they go to bed,” Edwards said.

Thus, the Swamp Rabbit Trail is filled with businesses that cater to everyone in the family. For more details on things to find and do along the trail, click here.