OUTER BANKS, N.C. (WNCT) – If you’re looking for a getaway vacation to a beautiful beach, North Carolina’s Outer Banks is the place for you. The 70-mile strip of land was recently voted the 4th best beach in America! (Don’t believe me? Click here)!

Also known as OBX, the island attracts over two million tourists annually.

OBX is also one of few beaches in the U.S. that people can drive on to enjoy the sand, surf and sun.

“We say it’s different every time. It’s always something different. The weather is different, the wind is different, every time you go to the ocean it’s different,” said Ocean Air Sports Owner Brian Klauser.

Also popular, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. Standing at 190.5 feet tall, it’s the tallest brick lighthouse in America.

People come from all over to get a look at it, with over 100,000 climbers yearly.

“The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse was built to be the lighthouse of all lighthouses. It is the best of the best,” said Park Ranger Jonathan Polk.

This year, because of COVID-19, the lighthouse is closed to climbing. However, the lighthouse grounds are still open to tourists.

If you’re not sold on this vacation hotspot yet, there’s a lot of history behind the island too.

Hatteras Island’s Weather Station was the first to receive a distress call from the Titanic back in 1912.

Over a thousand miles away, workers at the weather station were confused to get word that the “Unsinkable Ship” had struck an iceberg.

History buffs might also be interested to know historians think that the infamous pirate Blackbeard and his ship went down somewhere off the Outer Banks.

So whether it’s beaches, adventure or history that attracts you to The Outer Banks, it’s definitely worth checking out.