PRINCE GEORGE’S COUNTY, Md (WRIC) — People with sensory sensitivity can now better enjoy Six Flags amusement park as it has become the first theme park in the D.C.-area to be a Certified Autism Center.

Being a Certified Autism Center means that there are special days with dedicated features that cater to people with autism.

The First Certified Autism Center specialized features and training for guests with special needs means:

  • Staff will be trained to assist guests with sensory sensitivities.
  • More information will be provided about how people with autism may be affected by rides.  
  • An online guide will inform guests about accessibility tips services.
  • Low sensory areas are available to allow guests with sensory issues to take a break from the hubbub.

Six Flags is also instating a custom “Innovative Ride Safety Harness” throughout its parks that can accommodate riders with disabilities.

During upcoming Sensory Sensitivity Days on Wednesday, July 27 and Aug. 17 Six Flags will not have any park audio, sound and music. Signage will warn people about surprising sounds and experiences. And they will offer free noise canceling ear plugs upon request.

Known for thrilling rides, shows and attractions, Six Flags has sections for kids and families. The Hurricane Harbor waterpark features a lazy river and a wave pool.

There are more than two dozen Six Flags theme parks in North America, with the closest one to Richmond located about eight miles east of Washington D.C. on Central Avenue in Prince George’s County.

The International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards verifies the Certified Autism Center certification.