HANOVER COUNTY, Va (WRIC) — Kings Dominion will be debuting a new coaster in 2022 — and it will be the first of its kind in Virginia.

“Tumbili,” Kings Dominion’s newest roller coaster, is Virginia’s first 4D Spin Coaster, meaning all the cars rotate on a central axis as they move through the track.

According to the Kings Dominion website, the cars use “state of the art magnetic technology” to induce and control spin.

The coaster is 770 feet long, and the ride will last just under a minute. It reaches a maximum speed of 34 miles per hour and a maximum height of 112 feet. A computer-generated render of the ride can be seen here.

Kings Dominion will open for the season on March 12 but will be closed the majority of weekdays until May 27. The park’s full schedule, including special events, can be found here.