RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Tucked away in an industrial part of Richmond you can find Orbital Music Park.

OMP opened five months ago and already has 175 members. The space is unique for music collaboration, equipped with instruments, recording pods and funky decor. Artists can get as loud as they want.

Created by two musical partners who have been collaborating on music adventures since 1991, Tom Illmensee and Morgan Huff set out to give music makers access to meet with others with a similar passion.

“These music markers are the rainbow of Richmond,” Illmensee said.

Orbital Music Park finds ways to connect music makers with others of similar strengths or opposites if the creators feel comfortable, so that they can come together to find new innovative sounds.

“How do you find other music makers to collaborate with, to make things with?,” Illmensee said.

Illmensee said that is one of the problems Orbital tries to solve for music creators.

OMP looks to find ways to bring together the different music scenes in Richmond.

“Richmond rap elite, and sort of the hip hop scene, the jazz scene, classical scene,” Illmensee said.

They also look for ways to help artists push their own creative boundaries.

“Playing in Duos is a new challenge, now you play in a trio, then with four people, and like LaShonda Davis and her group, well that’s 10 people,” Illmensee said.

LaShonda Davis and her band practice for the upcoming Richmond Jazz Festival as the venue provides access to established artists as well as those who are just getting started.

“They have packages that start at like a dollar,” Davis said.

Davis said Orbital is monumental for music creators in Richmond.

“You can record here, you can rehearse here, you can have a show here,”

“With different musics, different cultures and different people with different backgrounds, like there is going to be so much music made here, that, I mean the talent in the city is dumb amazing,” LaShonda Davis said.

Orbital Music Park is looking to not only have an impact on the city’s current’s music base but hopefully RVA’s future sound as well.

“There’s an invitation to just be yourself here and grow as much as you want to,” Illmensee said.

To find out pricing and events coming up at OMP, click HERE.