Not Guilty, Sentenced to Life

On April 25, 1998, in Waverly, Virginia, police officer Allen Gibson was gunned down in the woods behind the Waverly Village apartment complex. Within a month, Ferrone Claiborne and Terence Richardson became suspects in the case and were eventually charged with Gibson’s murder. Fearing the death penalty, they took a plea deal on lesser charges in state court.  Ferrone walked out with a misdemeanor.  Later, the case went to a federal court and the jury found them not guilty of murder.  Yet, at sentencing for a drug charge, the judge tacked on the murder convictions in state court to put them away for life. Claiborne and Richardson say that they did not murder the police officer – the Waverly Two, as they’re called, have maintained their innocence. In 2019 the Innocence Project started looking into the case. In their writs of innocence filed with the Virginia Court of Appeals, new evidence in the case points to a new suspect. 8News has followed this case since 2017 and continues to uncover and report new information.