RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — COVID-19 cases across much of Central Virginia have increased as of late, but the numbers are still relatively low compared to the height of omicron.

According to data from the Virginia Department of Health, new cases in the Chesterfield Health District have been on a steady rise since April 11, going from 13 new cases to 140 new cases yesterday. This is the highest amount of new cases reported in one day since March 10, when 309 cases were reported.

New cases in Chesterfield were at an all-time high during the first two weeks of January, with between 400 and 1,000 new cases being reported every day from Jan. 1 to Jan. 14. New cases began to decline sharply at the end of January and have been fluctuating since.

In the Chickahominy Health District, which includes Hanover and New Kent, new cases have stayed relatively low since February but have been on a slight increase since over the last month. On April 9, the 7-day average for new cases (new cases averaged out over the previous seven days) was 11, today’s 7-day average is 23.3.

The Chickahominy district had its highest 7-day average of the pandemic on January 13, when it reached 320.3. New cases began to decrease after that but didn’t reach levels seen in the area today until late February.

The Crater Health District, which includes Petersburg and Prince George County, has been steadily decreasing since the height of Omicron.

The Crater District had its lowest 7-day average since summer 2021 on March 18, when it recorded an average of 6.3 new cases. It increased to 25 between then and April 14, and has been trending down steadily since.

Crater recorded 598 new cases on Jan. 12, the district’s highest amount to date. The district’s highest 7-day average, 407, was recorded a few days later on Jan. 16.

New cases in Henrico County trended down following the height of omicron but have been on a notable upward trend over the course of the last month.

Henrico had its lowest 7-day average recently, recording 25.1 on March 24. New cases have increased significantly in the month since then and the 7-day average now sits at 56.7.

Henrico’s highest amount of new cases to date, 942, was recorded on Jan. 2, and its highest 7-day average to date was 700.1, recorded on Jan. 12.

New cases in the Richmond Health District have stayed low since the height of omicron. The district’s 7-day average increased in early April but is currently on a downward trend.

On March 17, Richmond had a 7-day average of 11.4, the district’s lowest since summer 2021. The average increased until April 15 when it reached 59.6 and has been trending downwards since.

Richmond had its highest 7-day average on Jan. 12, when it reached 487.3. Richmond had its highest amount of new cases reported to date on Jan. 26, when 659 new cases were reported.