RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Conexus Vision, a non-profit organization that works with youth in schools to help them see better, is being impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

“It has been a little bit of a challenge for us because most of everything that we do is inside of a school building,” said Tim Gresham, the CEO and President of Conexus Vision.

Conexus visits schools and screens children for potential eye problems. Those that have eye issues then receive a full eye exam and then, if needed, will receive glasses free of charge.

“We had a lot of glasses on order and they came in right as the schools were shut down,” Greshman told 8News. “And we wanted to deliver them and dispense them personally because you want to make sure that they fit right, and the student can see well. So, we set up a few distributions in April and May, and then, just recently, we have been at it again, like when they are doing food pickup or picking up supplies, we have been able to place some of those glasses then.”

As schools continue to welcome students back to virtual classrooms, and some in-person, Conexus has been able to get back to their mission of helping children see better over the past few months.

“Fortunately, some school divisions outside of the Richmond area are open and kids are going back, so we are able to provide services to school divisions in other parts of the state,” Gresham said.

Locals can Conexus in their mission by donating to the ‘Gift of Light‘ campaign. A $10 donation can provide eye screening for one child, while a $50 donation can pay for a child’s eye exam and a set of glasses.

“This organization was built on $5 donations,” Gresham said. “Over the years, when we meet annually to do planning for the year, we look back and are grateful for where we came from and it started with people making $5 per month donations or $10 per month.  So, we value every donation, the large donations and the small donations and together that is what allows us to do what we do.”

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