RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Here’s the latest on the coronavirus pandemic for May 6, 2020:

The Virginia Department of Health is experiencing a technical issue that is delaying the release of COVID-19 data this morning.

“The overnight process to compile all of the investigation and laboratory report data experienced a technical error that has resulted in information being unavailable for reporting. VDH is working to resolve the error, and will update information as soon as possible.”

8News will continue to monitor the site and provide an update when it becomes available.

Yesterday, the Virginia Department of Health reported 20,256 cases of COVID-19 — 19,357 confirmed and 899 probable. More than 127,000 Virginians have been tested for the virus.

713 people have died in Virginia from COVID-19 and 2,773 people have been hospitalized with the virus, VDH said.

Virginia Hospitals and Healthcare Association reported that 2,734 people with the virus have been released from the hospital. The VDH and VHHA do not report recoveries.

COVID-19 causing meat shortages for grocery stores and restaurants

Some grocery stores and restaurants are starting to limit the amount of meat customers can buy after meat plants across the country slow production because of coronavirus.

In response, fast-food chain Wendy’s is changing what they sell to customers.

Experts said Wendy’s is one of the restaurants hard with a meat shortage because the chain relies on fresh beef. One in five of Wendy’s locations is out of beef — which breaks down to about 1,000 locations across the United States. Those locations will have a limited menu without beef-based items.

Grocery stores like Costco, and select Kroger and Wegmans locations are limiting meat purchases.

COVID-19 in Virginia