VIRGINIA (WRIC) — An inmate at the Deerfield Correctional Center has died after testing positive for COVID—19, raising the coronavirus death toll in Virginia state correctional facilities to two.

The Virginia Department of Corrections reported Sunday that 65 inmates and 9 staff tested positive for COVID—19 at Deerfield—numbers that include work centers there.

Deerfield correctional inmate Clifford Samy told 8News he was unaware anyone died at the facility.

“Well, we don’t know that. We do not know that,” Samy said. 

Virginia’s first reported death from COVID—19 complications was at the Virginia Correctional Center for Women in Goochland, two weeks ago.

Samy says staff at Deerfield correctional asked inmates to clean the building known as “Deerfield 1,” where there are positive COVID—19 cases. 

Samy is worried people from his dorm who are going there could get COVID—19 and possibly transmit it to others.

“Our dorm don’t have the COVID, but it’s like, I think two inmates now that is going to that building,” Samy said.

“I’m not sure what was told to those inmates that made them go over there.”

With rising Coronavrus caseloads at correctional centers like Deerfield, Samy hopes everyone can get tested—symptoms or not.

“So we are supposed to be being tested and I’m not, you know, hopefully some inmates in here don’t have it. Because you know those people that are sneezing and have a little cold symptoms but not really sick,” Samy said.

8News reached out to VDOC with questions and have not received a response as of Sunday evening.