RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The passing of a Richmond pastor who lost his battle with COVID-19 Saturday has left an entire community mourning.

Bishop Gerald O. Glenn, the founder and Pastor of New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, was described as a ‘world changer’ and ‘history maker’ by his close friend Pastor Larry Miles. He told 8News he would miss the late Bishop Glenn, who he said was like a brother.

“I actually thought that somebody was lying,” Pastor Miles told 8News when hearing about the news of his friend’s passing.

The loss hits hard for an entire church community adds Pastor Miles.

“It was devastating,” he told 8News. “It was hard, I kid you not. Hard, very very hard. It’s been a struggle…it’s been a struggle these past few days.”

On April 3, Bishop Glenn was tested for COVID-19 and died on a week later from coronavirus. It’s something his friend of 46 years never expected.

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“I did not think at the beginning of the year…I did not even think when Mother Glenda told me that he was in the hospital; I did not think that I would be doing an interview about the legacy and the greatness of Gerald,” Miles said. “No, no, I was expecting him to come out of it.”

Bishop Gerald O. Glenn

Miles told 8News that his friend was someone who empowered so many others through faith. Finding out that his brother died as a result of the coronavirus is both surreal and eye-opening.

“We are feeling the crunch and the pain of it across America, and I encourage everybody take the necessary steps,” Miles said. “Be fearless, be full of faith, and treat one another with kindness but be careful. Because this is the most contagious disease that I have ever seen.”