RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Children as young as 12 years old could soon receive the Moderna vaccine following the company’s announcement of its effectiveness in teens. Moderna said they studied 3,700 kids age 12-17 and found the vaccine offers the same level of protection in kids as it does adults.

It also produces the same side effects as soreness, headache and fatigue. After finding it 100% in their age group, the company said it will submit its data to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration next month.

Cat Long, Richmond and Henrico Health District’s spokesperson, said the rollout of the Moderna vaccine for kids in the area will look like Pfizer’s distribution.

“There’s certainly enough vaccine for everyone. We’re no longer in the era of getting on waitlists and preregistering for an appointment,” she said.

Long said schools and local pharmacies will offer the Moderna vaccine for kids. The additional vaccine supply would be convenient for parents and health leaders, she said.

“Not having to worry about which vaccine is offered where; it can make it easier on parents and for us from a logistical standpoint of distributing the vaccine,” said Long.

So far, 336,000 adults and 9,600 children in Richmond and Henrico are vaccinated.
Long said that’s almost half of the area’s population and it puts Virginia in a position to meet President Biden’s goal of 70% of adults receiving their first dose by July.

“We certainly have the tools to reach the 70% capacity and we’re confident that the number of Richmond and Henrico residents will protect themselves and protect their community by choosing to get vaccinated.”