RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Coronavirus cases have seen a sharp decline in Virginia and a majority of people still contracting COVID-19 are those not fully vaccinated against the virus.

Of Virginia’s 190,846 COVID-19 cases recorded since Jan. 21, 2021, only 1,063 or 0.6% of those people were fully vaccinated against the virus. Vaccinated people accounted for 0.7% of COVID-19 deaths and 1% of COVID-19 hospitalizations.

The 1,063 breakthrough cases account for a very small percentage of Virginia’s fully vaccinated population, only 0.024% of fully inoculated Virginians have contracted the virus.

The Virginia Department of Health announced on Friday that a new dashboard now makes this information readily available to the public. According to the Department of Health, the vaccination is the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, and getting the shot helps slow the spread from person to person.

“I applaud those who have chosen to protect themselves and the community by getting vaccinated, and we appreciate the work of all who are helping to vaccinate Virginians,” said State Health Commissioner Dr. M. Norman Oliver. “I continue to encourage everyone who is able to get vaccinated to do so.”

The VDH echoes what is shown in Virginia’s data, “Vaccine breakthroughs are rare.”

Vaccinations are available for people ages 12 and older. People interested can find appointments online at and