Richmond, Henrico surpasses 30 COVID-19 deaths; 350 cases


HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — Speaking at his daily press conference Monday, Dr. Danny Avula said the number of COVID-19 cases throughout Henrico and Richmond has surpassed 350.

Additionally, the number of deaths is more than 30, with the majority of the fatalities connected to the Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center.

Dr. Avula says there are 103 cases of COVID-19 in the city of Richmond. Five people have succumbed to the deadly virus. In Henrico County, Dr. Avula estimates about 250 cases with 27 deaths. Officials with the Canterbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center told 8News their total of fatalities has reached 28, however. Yet Dr. Avula, the Richmond and Henrico Health District Director, told 8News only 26 of the nearly 30 deaths have been confirmed.

“In our perspective, and the way that Canterbury is treating this, their entire facility is likely exposed or infected,” Dr. Avula said.

Dr. Avula adds the state is seeing COVID-19 cases increase by triple digits daily. Despite the rise in numbers, he says the projected peak for the state has changed from mid-May/beginning to June to the second week of April.

“I think they were really a result of a dip in cases in death reporting from New York,” Dr. Avula, remaining skeptical. “I’d like to see if that continues for a couple more days, and if it really does look like they’re on the downward side of the curve, I would be more likely to say OK, maybe it is mid-to-late April now.”

Dr. Danny Avula

In the meantime, the senior health official continues to urge locals to wear a face mask, and to do so properly.

“You just pull it over your face and the key is to cover your nose and your mouth, so that any respiratory droplets that you would express while talking, singing, coughing, sneezing stay on the inside of the cloth mask and aren’t expressed into the air,” he said.

Dr. Avula also reminded Virginians the importance of staying home.

“Staying home is the best way that you can protect yourself and our entire community from this disease.”



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