RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney announced Wednesday that the city is seeing a “slight increase” in COVID-19 cases. The “percent positivity rate” remains low, however.

During a press conference held Wednesday afternoon, Stoney and Richmond and Henrico Health Director Dr. Danny Avula shared the latest local data concerning the coronavirus pandemic. Both mentioned that the city of Richmond saw a significant decrease in coronavirus cases last month.

Yet, in July, the city has seen a slight uptick in newer cases each day. “From roughly 15 to roughly 25 a day,” Stoney said.

“The hope is that this is a temporary bump in case counts, and we start to see that trend back downwards again,” Dr. Avula added.

But with those details comes a bright spot.

No new coronavirus-related deaths have reported since June 19. Of the more than 2,400 confirmed cases in Richmond, only 36 infected patients have died.

The percent positivity rate, the number of people who have tested positive for COVID-19, has remained lower than expected, officials added.

The number sits at six percent.

Looking ahead, Dr. Avula cautions Richmonders that another peak in COVID cases could hit in late August or early September. It’s a warning Mayor Stoney said he is preparing for.

“We will do what’s necessary to put public health first,” Stoney added. “And everyone should know that this administration is willing to do what’s necessary to protect every resident, but particularly the most vulnerable in this very critical time.”

As an added layer of caution, Dr. Avula says Virginia Department of Health employees will be more proactive with enforcing facial coverings in public places such as restaurants and businesses.