CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (WRIC) — Researchers at the University of Virginia teamed up with UVA Health to develop and administer its own coronavirus tests.

UVA started developing the tests shortly after the pandemic started making its way across Virginia. The school took in donations that helped develop and deploy tests. Testing began Wednesday.

“This was truly a remarkable team effort across the entire institution at an incredibly challenging time,” Executive Vice President for Health Affairs Dr. K. Craig Kent said. “It was amazing to see how swiftly everyone rose to the challenge and made this happen in order to serve the community during this time of need.”

UVA Health warns the community that the increase in tests in the Charlottesville area will likely mean an increase in positive cases in the next few days.

UVA will start by performing tests on patients that show the symptoms of COVID-19 as well as people who have been in contact with others who have already been diagnosed with the virus.

Yesterday the Department of Health announced three new cases in the Charlottesville area including a UVA student.