DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — Though vaccinations are on the rise, children younger than 12 and those opting not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are still at risk of getting the virus.

“We know that a fairly large reservoir of infection in the community right now is in children, and in some younger adults who are not vaccinated,” said Dr. Jeffrey Weinstein, patient safety officer at Kettering Health.

While many children don’t show symptoms of COVID-19 even if infected, they’re still able to spread it to people who’s immunity might be more sensitive.

“Of course, no one in the country under 12 years old is vaccinated. So, it’s just back to what we’ve been saying for over a year now: masks and social distancing,” said Weinstein.

For people concerned about getting their child vaccinated, Weinstein said he understands the concerns, but feels it’s the smartest choice moving forward.

“The bigger issue is there’s still a lot of adults out there that are not vaccinated, then we have people who are immunosuppressed. The vaccine if they’ve got it, is still not as effective for them,” said Weinstein.

Once fully vaccinated, Weinstein said children can enjoy the freedoms of less mask wearing, he also encourages parents and children to reach out to their primary care physicians if they have any questions or concerns about the vaccine.