RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — The Virginia Department of Health is retiring several sources of state-level data on the COVID-19 pandemic in a move they say is designed to “streamline the dashboards available.”

Starting Thursday, May 19, the VDH will retire 6 data portals that communicated information about vaccination, case counts and an outdated measure of community transmission no longer widely used by the CDC.

Two vaccine dashboards — federal vaccine doses and vaccines received — will be removed because “vaccines now are widely available; there is reduced interest in these data; and the rate of change is small.”

According to the VDH, the underlying data will be archived and available to the public online, but it’s not clear whether the VDH will make new data on the number of vaccines received available in the future.

The department will also retire a dashboard that compared the rate of COVID-19 infections and deaths between vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

Instead, the VDH website will link to the CDC’s vaccination status dashboard, which the department said would include data from Virginia sometime this Summer.

Finally, the VDH will shutter three “redundant” pages: the locality landing page, a page detailing cases by date reported and the community transmission page.

Both the locality landing page and the community transmission page were already shut down in March and redirected to other dashboards.

Community transmission was an old measure used by the CDC that was replaced by “community levels” earlier this year, and the page now redirects to the CDC’s dashboard.

Locality and cases by date, on the other hand, are still available on the site – they’ve just been integrated into the VDH’s main COVID dashboard.