RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A new nasal spray called Synapsin hit the Richmond market and some experts believe it’s the answer to treating nearly a half a dozen illnesses. 

8News spoke with a local pharmacist about how Synapsin works and who might benefit from the spray. 

“It’s a B vitamin combined with a very fancy ginseng extract, RG 3, and not the football player. It’s ginseng derivative that helps decrease neuronal inflammation,” said Baylor Rice, owner of South River Compounding Pharmacy in Richmond. 

Rice is compounding Synapsin for folks with a variety of illnesses. 

“When we have things such as Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic inflammatory diseases cause inflammation of the brain,” Rice told 8News. 

Christina Feerick reports for 8News.

Rice explains that inflammation affects cognitive function. Synapsin has also been prescribed to treat PTSD and concussions, even in children.
“The head gets hit and you have inflammation going on in the brain, it’s so very imperative in those cases, the sooner we get on it and hit it hard up front the sooner we can get them back to school,” Rice said.

Synapsin is not a cure, according to Rice, but any disease with brain inflammation may see results from the nasal spray. 

“Anything where we have cognitive impairment, in the behind the scenes of what’s going on and pushing that equation, is inflammation then this stands a chance of helping out,” Rice explained. 

“Maybe five percent in one, maybe 20 percent in another, maybe a little more in somebody else. But it’s helping. If there’s brain inflammation there it’s gonna make a difference,” Rice told 8News. 

Rice also said he has seen results in patients with autism. 

People interested in Synapsin should speak with their doctor, as the nasal spray is relatively new to the area and requires a prescription. 

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