NEW KENT COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The Hospital Corporation of America of Virginia is bringing the first OB/GYN to New Kent County next week, filling a key health gap in the area.

Beginning next week, New Kent residents will be able to receive care from Dr. Maria Espiridion, an obstetrician and gynecologist affiliated with Henrico Doctors’ Hospital. Espiridion will be the first OB/GYN to serve New Kent specifically.

Recent population growth in New Kent makes it the second-fastest growing county in Virginia. But according to Ryan Jensen, chief executive officer of Henrico Doctors` Hospitals, patients seeking OB/GYN care in New Kent have had to make long trips for proper care.

“Patients in this area typically have to travel to Richmond or Williamsburg for care, so we are excited to fill a huge void in New Kent County,” Jensen said. “People who live in surrounding communities will be able to save a trip by having comprehensive OB-GYN care close by.”

This new specialty will provide residents with services including annual wellness exams, breast examinations and colposcopies, as well as treatment for conditions like endometriosis, infertility and menopause.

“I am excited to provide a much-needed service to an area that has needed it for a very long time,” Espiridion said. “I hope women in this community are able to come out and get the care they need without having to drive such long distances to a healthcare provider for basic women`s health needs.”

Starting on Tuesday, Sept. 27, Espiridion will be available to see patients on Tuesdays at Ob/Gyn Associates, located inside Chickahominy Family Physicians at 1850 Pocahontas Trail in Quinton.