CUMBERLAND COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — School officials have confirmed several cases of scabies at Cumberland County Public Schools.

Cumberland County Superintendent Dr. Amy Griffin posted a video online updating parents on the outbreak. Six cases of scabies have been confirmed at the elementary school and two at the middle school, Dr. Griffin said.

On Monday, school officials confirmed another case of scabies at Cumberland County High School, bringing a total to nine cases in the district.

Custodial crews performed a deep cleaning this past weekend and are actively cleaning all schools in the early mornings, late in the afternoon and late at night. Dr. Griffin also said that buses are being wiped down daily.

Parents have been notified and the school district’s main concern is getting rid of the contagious disease.

Scabies is a disease of the skin caused by a mite. Scabies mites burrow into the skin, producing pimple-like irritations or burrows. This is called an ‘infestation,’ according to the Virginia Department of Health.

Parents are advised to look out for symptoms at home.

Do not send your child to school if they have rashes, itching, or sores. Parents are asked to take them to the doctor immediately.

Scabies mites are spread from one person to another during direct skin-to-skin contact. Symptoms can last anywhere from two to six weeks.

On Friday, elementary students were sent home with a Scabies Fact Sheet from the Virginia Department of Health. Both middle and high school students will be sent with the same fact sheet on Monday.

To view the scabies fact sheet, click here.