Enjoy the view of the James River in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Our camera on the Potterfield Bridge shows various views as the river flows through the city. From one angle, you’ll see the river underneath the Belvidere Street Bridge, downriver of Belle Isle. Another angle shows the rapids at Second Break, which is just above Pipeline rapid, located further downriver. These areas of the James are popular with Richmond’s boating community and whitewater rafting companies can be seen taking boaters through this stretch of the river during the warmer months.

The James River Watch Cam is available through a partnership between 8News and Friends of the James River Park. The nonprofit organization helped to create the 10-year Master Plan for the James River Park System and advocates for protecting the land and environment of the 600-acre urban park.

Check the James River levels in Richmond

Visit this page daily for updated river levels measured at the Westham Gauge on the James River near downtown Richmond. Information provided by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association.

Our coverage of the James River near Richmond

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