RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — It’s been more than two months since 8News Anchor Katie Dupree welcomed her baby girl Olivia Grace.

The Good Morning Richmond team wanted to catch up with Katie and her husband Chris to see how parenthood is treating them.

Katie Dupree will be back at the anchor desk on September 9.

8News Meteorologist Matt Dinardo: So Katie and Chris, can give you us the latest? How much does she weigh now and what’s her length?

KD: Last check was her two-month appointment, a few weeks ago. She came in at 10 pounds, 4 ounces and 22 inches long. She’s doing great, we love seeing her development. She smiles all the time, she does not laugh quite yet.

8News Meteorologist Michelle Morgan: We are really excited to have you back next week –what are your preparations? You are now going to be a full-time mom and full time here?

KD: It’s definitely going to be interesting to see — especially the hours, we work, you know? They are hard even if you don’t have kids, but Michelle, you know our schedule with kids. I might be asking you for some advice on how to handle having a little one at home and working our hours.

8News Meteorologist Matt DiNardo: Chris, what is the big impact for you as Katie now comes back to the anchor desk? How are you doing and are you kind of frightful of being Mr. Mom?

Chris: No, I think I am ready for it. I mean I grew up in a daycare — my mom ran a daycare out of our house growing up. So, I’ve been around kids my whole life. I think I will handle it well. I am thankful to spend the extra time with her.

8News Anchor John Rogers: Katie, you are coming back next Wednesday, September 9, are you excited?

KD: I am excited to be back. If you guys remember the last few months of my pregnancy due to COVID I was working from home, so I haven’t been in the studio with you guys since April. So it’s been a while, so I am excited to come back and see you guys and hear from the viewers and get back on the anchor desk. It’s going to be a challenge for sure, might be some tears on my first day going back but I know she’s in really good hands by staying home with Chris.