Meet Katie Dupree’s baby Olivia Grace


RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Katie Dupree’s baby Olivia Grace will be one month old on Saturday! The Good Morning Richmond team misses Katie so much they decided to give her and her husband Chris a call to talk about their new journey together: parenthood.

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8News John Rogers: How are you doing Katie and how is the baby?

KD: She’s doing great, she’s growing she’s really doing great. Motherhood, parenthood has been the biggest challenge for us yet, but probably the most fulfilling job I’ve ever had.

Chris: You know they tell you to sleep while the baby’s sleeping, but for us, that’s one of our favorite times, you know to watch her sleep and just like look at her little features and everything. We haven’t been getting a lot of sleep but as Katie mentioned it’s been really fulfilling and wonderful to have her.

KD: We’d probably be getting a lot more sleep if we did sleep when she slept, but we can’t she’s just so cute.

8News Matt Dinardo: How is the baby eating? Are we on a schedule? And are we sleeping through the night?

KD: She’s eating like a champ! She lost a little bit right after she was born, but that’s normal. She’s now in the 8-pound club, the last weigh-in she was 8 pounds 1 ounce. So yeah 8-pound club. We wrongly did not get enough newborn clothes for her because she’s still in the newborn size and a lot of moms said your baby might come home like not even in that size, she might already be in the bigger clothes. Well, she wasn’t, so we had to pick up a few more newborn clothes so she’s clothed. But yeah, she’s not sleeping through the night but she needs to get up to eat every 3 to 4 hours anyway so we’re getting there maybe.

8News John Rogers: It’s not every day that someone gives birth during a global pandemic has that impacted things for you guys?

KD: Yeah, visitors. We’ve had some close family that we knew was staying home and you know really trying to stay away from you know going to the grocery store a bunch or going out in public, so people we felt comfortable with that are close enough with us have met her, but only my parents and Chris’ parents have met her so far. We’ve had a lot of friends and even extended family members who haven’t been able to meet her yet, which is sad.

Chris: But we’ve been able to get her out in the morning for walks so Matt we really look forward to that forecast and 5 and 6 to make sure it’s not too humid to take her out. So we go for walks for about 30 minutes around 7 so that’s been good.

KD: Yeah, afternoons are way too hot for us so we go for the morning walks.

8News Michelle Morgan: First of all Katie welcome to the Mom Club! I know just putting on a little bit of makeup makes you feel a little human sometimes, so how is that going along for you?

KD: You’re absolutely right, it’s funny because this is the most done up that I’ve been since my last day of work, which was the day that she was born. So she was born June 18, I did work that morning my water broke in the evening. I put on makeup kind of here and there, but not this done up since that day. It’s funny cause sometimes I just need to put on a little bit to feel human. Honestly, I feel like a human today because I brushed my hair. Don’t be fooled, I do not look like this at home with her every day.

8News Michelle Morgan: Chris, how does it feel to be a brand new daddy?

Chris: It’s incredible. It’s fulfilling, it’s exhausting, it’s wonderful. I was telling my Dad the other day as soon as she’s born your perspective on things change. Certain things that may be bothered you in the past, don’t bother you as much, everything kind of changes so for me, it’s been a dream come true, it’s been a joy to watch Katie become a mother. She’s just so caring and compassionate and she taught Olivia the first week how to poop only when Daddy was holding her. So she’s also a great teacher.

8News John Rogers: Katie, Chris do you have a message for all the viewers out there?

KD: I would say thanks for all the support. I am posting somewhat frequently to all my Facebook and Instagram pages, so if you’re interested in a little bit more of the behind the scenes maybe not all the makeup on and a lot more pictures of this sweet little one. I am kind of posting here and there, I’ve had a lot of support and people reaching out saying congrats and just kind of cheering us all on, so thanks for all of that we really appreciate it. There are you know some hard days so we appreciate all you guys, my 8News family, our 8News family and all of the viewers in RVA have given us. We’re really thankful for that.

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