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'I was in a lot of shock': Local woman shares harrowing moments of dog attack

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) --  A woman was bitten by a German Shepherd while running in Richmond over the weekend and now, after days of searching, the dog's owner is expected to face charges.  

Mary Kate Geratowski was running in Richmond's Museum District when a German Shepherd attacked her and bit her leg. 

"I was running about in front of the Virginia Historical Society, that museum, and was coming up on a owner and their dog and ran to the owner side," Geratowski explained to 8News. 

Geratowski told 8News she tried to avoid the dog's attack by running to the side, but it managed to latch onto her knee. 

"I was in a lot of shock and really I just didn't know what to do to get it off," she said. 

Geratowski was given the dog owner's number when she asked for it, however, she later discovered she was given the wrong number. 

"She gave me what I thought was her cell phone number but later discovered that is not...we got a number for someone in Alabama, a guy in Alabama," she said. 

Geratowski went to the emergency room and got a Tetanus shot, but her biggest fear was if the dog had rabies.

"I've obviously been bit and have pretty open wounds and don't know if the dog has had its shots or anything like that," she said. 

While she continues to heal, Geratowski says she's thankful the situation didn't turn out worse.

"If that had been a kid, that could have been right at their face," Geratowski said. "Right at their throat and that could have been way, way worse." 

She contacted Animal Care and Control and was told that they tracked down the owner of the dog after an investigation.

The owner of the German Shepherd has admitted his dog was involved.  

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