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Creighton Court residents fed up with no heat; say project isn't complete

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) - Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority say heat is restored to all units in Creighton Court, but some residents reached out to 8News saying that isn't true. 

"I still want my heat. I still demand to have my heat," said Creighton Court resident Tischica Mabrey. 

RRHA told 8News heat has been restored to 78 units. 

Mabrey is left wondering when crews will show up at her door. 

For the past six months, Mabrey and her family have played the waiting game. 

"I refuse to go another winter with no heat," said Mabrey.

Mabrey moved into the end of Creighton Road at the beginning of October. Within a week, she noticed the temperature drop in her apartment. 

After calls to maintenance Mabrey said, "they brought me heaters and that was the end of the story."

So the Mabrey family endured the winter with three space heaters. 

Mabrey told 8News she called management twice in December and once in January to report the issue. 

"We paying rent and I'm not being told nothing," said Mabrey "I'm just sitting around waiting."

As her neighbors received electric baseboard heat, Mabrey decided to check in at the Creighton Court office again last week. 

"I spoke with one of the receptionists and she was like oh well according to January the 27th my heat was completed," said Mabrey. 'So I'm like no that can't be right. Because I said if my heat was completed I would have baseboard heating. I still have the three electric heaters Y'all gave me and my radiator is still in my house."

Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority interim CEO Orlando Artze tells 8News since at least one of the radiators in Mabrey's apartment was working, her unit falls under another project. 

So why did the authority tell Mabrey her heat was fixed?

"It was seen as by providing those electric, portable electric space heaters it had solved the problem when in fact it had not," said Artze. "That's a practice we had changed since the end of January."

Artze said Mabrey's unit joins dozens of others that are still being inspected for heat issues. 

The issue in her apartment and others involves replacing pipes due to a blockage. 

Artze says Mabrey will be contacted this week by maintenance to set up a work schedule. 

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