PRINCE GEORGE COUNTY, Va( WRIC) — 8News reached out to every school system in Central Virginia to see how superintendents are preparing for the coming school year. Here is what Superintendent Dr. Lisa Pennywise of Prince George County had to say.

What do you believe your school system’s biggest strength is?

The biggest strength of the Prince George County Public Schools is our people.  We are blessed to have a dedicated team with a “children-first” mindset. From the bus drivers who pick our children up in the morning, to the food services staff who ensure they are fed and ready to learn, to the educators who greet them when they arrive at school and in the classrooms, to the support staff who ensure they have clean, safe classrooms and facilities to learn in, we are thankful!  Because of each of them, our children have the very best opportunities for successful learning experiences.

What are you most looking forward to this school year?

The children…and the value we can add to their lives.  Each year, we reflect on the previous year, celebrate our successes, and look for opportunities for growth.  This process is always exciting for us as we consider the strategies we put in place to help every child meet their personal and academic goals. 

What changes can parents expect to see in your school system this year?

In Prince George, we will continue our tradition of excellence by offering our students many opportunities to develop their personal interests and talents through our varied instructional programs, work-based-learning experiences, and extra-curricular activities.   Initiatives we have underway to help our students have the solid foundation they will need to have all options open to them upon graduation include providing project-based learning experiences to develop the 5 C’s as noted in the Profile of a Virginia Graduate of Collaboration, Communication, Critical Thinking, Creativity, and Citizenship.  Efforts will also continue with personalized learning to include providing multiple opportunities to learn, increased pathways to earn college credit through Advanced Placement and Dual Enrollment course offerings, and expanding opportunities for work-based learning experiences to support students as they consider the work of different fields.

Is there anything else you want parents to know ahead of this school year?

We would like to thank our families for trusting their children’s education to us. Our previous Superintendent, Mrs. Renee Williams, left as her legacy a culture of kindness, strong relationships, and high expectations.   We plan to continue to cultivate that culture through our relationships and partnerships with students, families, community, local, and state leaders.