RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – United States Attorney Zachary Terwillinger is warning of scammers using the COVID-19 crisis to try and steal money and personal information.

Federal officials said scammers are targeting people most at risk for contracting the virus, like older adults and people with underlying health conditions, by setting up fake websites, phishing emails and posing as doctors.

Treatment scams

If someone tries to offer you a cure or treatment, don’t be fooled. Health officials said a vaccine may not be available for another year.

Supply scams

Scammers are also creating fake shops and websites claiming to sell supplies that are in high demand like face masks, but buyers never get their supplies.

Provider scams

Scammers are also using provider scams by posing as doctors and hospitals asking for money to have a friend or family member treated for the virus.

App scams

They’re also trying to tap into your personal information with phone app scams by creating an app they say is designed to track the spread of the virus, but actually inserts malware into your phone that could expose your personal information.

Never click on emails from an unverified source, check online reviews of any COVID-19 products or supplies, and make sure anti-malware software is updated on your computer.

If you think you’ve been a victim of a COVID-19 scam, contact police. To see the full list of scams, you can visit the Department of Justice website.