Family offers warning after daughter’s finger got trapped in LOL Surprise Glamper van toy

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TAMPA (WFLA) – A Tampa Bay family is upset after their daughter got her little finger stuck in her Christmas present.

It took nearly an hour for them to free her and now they want to warn other parents of what they call a dangerous toy.

Among young Brielle’s gifts from Santa, was a LOL Glamper for all of her LOL dolls.

She had just started to play with her new toy when her finger got stuck.

“She started screaming and I heard a cry. She was crying for help. We went up into her room and that’s when we saw something was wrong,” says Brielle’s mom Loren Ballard.

Loren says she spent nearly an hour trying to free her daughter’s finger from her new toy when she says the little girl cried out, “I should have never asked Santa for this toy.”

“I was trying to push that button on the bottom of the Glamper, and then my finger got stuck and then my dad and my mom put soap on it and it didn’t work,” explains Brielle.

Finally, after 45 minutes Loren’s dad unscrewed part of the toy and was able to see his daughter’s finger was pinched and stuck. Only then was he able to remove Brielle’s finger leaving it swollen, purple, and bruised.

“I was happy that my finger got out, and then my dad got some ice and put it on my finger,” says Brielle.

While papa bear is the hero in this story mama bear reached out to the makers of LOL toys — MGA Entertainment.

“The toy should not have been on the shelf if it could hurt a little girl who is in the age group, as recommended. She was using it as directed,” says Loren.

This family hopes the toy is recalled.

“They need to be held accountable for what they did and what they put out on the shelf,” says Loren.

8 On Your Side reached out to MGA Entertainment and got this response from the CEO:

Please see the response from Isaac Larian, CEO and Founder for MGA Entertainment:

“I am extremely upset to hear about our fans’ negative experience with the L.O.L. Surprise! Glamper. Safety is a top priority when we develop our products, which must pass third-party toy testing and all applicable safety requirements before they’re shipped to retailers. I take any concerns where injury is involved very seriously. There is a caution sticker on the Glamper, and although the product was fully compliant as originally sold, in an abundance of care we have now re-designed the button mechanism to prevent any possibility of finger capture. If any of our fans have concerns regarding their purchased Glamper, please contact our Customer Services team immediately at”

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