RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Dominion Energy users beware — scammers are looking to take advantage of people by spoofing the company’s number and demanding money from customers.

With this new scam, the caller ID may read Dominion Energy or Bank of America, but the representative isn’t actually with either company.

The impostors claim to be representative of the utility company and then insist on immediate payment by asking for personal information or prepaid cards. If you don’t comply, the caller will threaten to shut off your power within an hour or hang up.

The Better Business Bureau said scammers take advantage of seasons with extreme temperatures, like the summer or winter when the air conditioning or heat are cranked up.

Carolyn Morton, a Dominion Energy customer, said she hasn’t received a call like this yet, but she’s prepared for when the time comes.

“You’ve got to always be ready. They’re expecting to catch you off guard,” she said.

Dominion said they have received several calls from customers about this scam, but assure the company will never call for immediate payment or ask for personal information over the phone.

“I’ll tell them once they cut it off then I’ll pay it,” Morton said. “I think we better get used to it, because there are evil people out here looking for an easy way out.”

Dominion said if something doesn’t sound right, hang up and call the company directly 866-366-4357 or call your local law enforcement.