RICHMOND, Va (KRON) – It is a growing concern for parents these days.

How much time should your children spend on phones and tablets?

8News’ sister station KRON Tech Trends reporter Gabe Slate discovered a new easy-to-use device, which helps parents regulate their kids’ screen time.

The device also helps monitor what children are looking at online and what apps they are using. Basically, it helps parents limit Internet use by scheduling when it can be used and what kids can use it for.

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KoalaSafe is a router with a wireless network that, along with its app, can be scheduled to not only “turn off” the internet, but monitor the sites that your kiddos are looking at.

Unglue those Kids from their Tablet!

Parents faced with addicted smart-device kids have an ally on their side with KoalaSafe! Create a “KoalaSafeMoment” right from the start by limiting online time for kids and gain some much-needed peace at home. KoalaSafe is a simple solution for the endless hours of screen time on connected devices.

KoalaSafe is a router with a wireless network that can be programmed to shut off. Easily connect kids’ devices to the network, and schedule when they can access the Internet. When it turns off, children know it’s time to put down that device and head off to do something else.

No more monitoring screen time or fights to kids get off their devices withKoalaSafe:

•    Easy-to-use family-friendly WIFI access point

•    Protect and manage all devices from one mobile device interface

•    Set to turn off at specific times

•    Block inappropriate sites and appsFor more polls, click here.