RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) – Last year, Gloucester high school student Gavin Grimm filed a lawsuit in a battle to use the boys bathroom at his school. Grimm was born a female, but identifies as a male.

Since the suit, several localities across the state have looked into or adopted policies regarding bathrooms and transgender students.

A measure (HB 663) sponsored by Delegate Mark Cole would require school boards to create and implement bathroom policies that require students to use gender-specific bathrooms based on their “anatomical sex” and not on how they identify themselves. An individual could also request a unisex bathroom.

One supporter argued during Wednesday’s General Assembly session that, “our young girls have a right to be in the bathroom and not expect their privacy to be vulnerable.”

But Robert Phillips, who is transgender, says transgender students just want to use the bathroom without being singled out.

“You’ve probably already gone to the restroom with a trans individual and you don’t know it,” said Phillips. “It’s ridiculous. Once again they’re just stigmatizing transgender individuals.”For more polls, click here.