RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Today is the 52nd Earth Day. We spoke with Kate Calvin, the Senior Climate Advisor at NASA, about the importance of Earth Day and how NASA is involved in the environmental holiday.

NASA uses its technology to assist in preparation for possible storms and other natural disasters. NASA also has many upcoming missions this year alone.

NASA uses its unique vantage point from international space stations to observe the Earth through vegetation, carbon dioxide, clouds, precipitation and changes in massive ice sheets.

NASA also assists when storms may hit the Mid-Atlantic and Southeast with their “Night-light satellite” that shows where power outages may be and where storms may be heading on a global scale. During their space exploration, research has also gone into how LED lights and fertilizer help grow crops on their international space stations.

Earth Day is especially important to inform all of us how important our planet is, how to continue to care for and protect our environment. Protecting environments beyond Earth as we continue to explore is also important.

Calvin said NASA is seeing an increase in temperatures, heatwaves, wildfires and more. Earth Day gives a spotlight to these events that are increasing over the years, and how important it is not only to bring awareness to such devastating events but also to be mindful of the environment we’re inhabiting and how to care for it properly.

Calvin said this year she is very excited about a mission where they’ll be taking a closer look at Tropical Activity such as Hurricanes and learning more about them and how to better prepare moving forward.