RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Clark Springs Elementary School in Richmond has been empty since June, but starting next week nearly 500 students from Elkhardt Middle School will begin attending there every single day.

Mold problems have forced school leaders to close Elkhardt immediately.

Workers are scrambling to get Clark Springs ready. 8News Senior Reporter Nate Eaton went through the school Thursday night.

“Everybody’s goal is to make it as seamless as possible,” said RPS Assistant Superintendent Tommy Kranz.

Starting Wednesday, Elkhardt Middle schoolers will board buses, travel 15 minutes across town, and attend classes at the 48-year-old old elementary school.

“This is built with three pods to it,” said Kranz.  “We’re gonna have a sixth grade, a seventh grade and an eighth grade pod.”

Two hundred thousand dollars worth of adjustments are underway.

Mechanical systems are being fixed, the building needs major cleaning, technology needs upgrading, and the roof is being repaired.

“The roof was something that was on our C.I.P. [Capital Improvement Projects] list,” said Kranz.  “We were gonna do it so now we just made that investment today.”

The shorter smaller desks the elementary kids have been using have been moved out and larger desks will be put in. In addition, everything from the sinks and the toilets have been replaced for the larger kids when they arrive..

“What we’ll do is essentially pick up Elkhardt and bring their furniture into this building,” said Kranz.

Before those items are brought over, they’ll be washed making sure no mold is transferred.

Leaders hope everything runs smoothly given the circumstances.

“It’s functional,” said Kranz.  “It works short term.”

Administrators are organizing a bus trip to for parents so you can see your child’s new school.

As for Elkhardt, leaders say it will cost at least nine million dollars to fix problems causing mold.

The school board decides whether to permanently close the school or spend the money on repairs.