Bikes Revolutionizing Richmond Food Delivery

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) -- Joshua Franklin goes to work on his bike and then stays on it all day. He's a full-time bicycle delivery rider, taking pizza, coffee, donuts and other food to homes for more than 20 Richmond restaurants.

"I get paid to ride my bike," Franklin says. "And I get to help out a lot of smaller businesses, and that's a big passion of mine. I love this job."

Josh is one of several employees who work for Quickness RVA, a bicycle delivery company started by Frank Bucalo.

Bucalo began with just one bike and one restaurant in 2010. Five years later and his company is now delivering food for 22 different restaurants and employs nearly 20 delivery riders. Bucalo says that it just makes sense for this city.

"It's quicker. Especially in a city setting," Bucalo says. "It is more efficient in terms of cost."

The process is pretty simple: A restaurant takes an order. Then, they give Bucalo a ring. Bucalo calls on a rider (or he goes himself) to pick up the order at the restaurant.

Then, Bucalo or his delivery riders hit the streets to drop it off with the customer. And the riders are out there rain or shine... In fact it's mostly in bad weather

"When it gets colder, when it gets wetter. Basically anytime you would picture not wanting to go out yourself, that's when we come in handy most."

As the company grows, its clients do as well. 'Lift' offers the delivery services and Kelly Dolan, the general manager of the coffee shop, says it gives them a big leg up on competition.

"Most people say it's great how fast they are," Dolan says. "We tell them it takes 30 minutes but it usually gets there before then."

The riders also help market the 22 restaurants they work with, which is good for both parties.

"They pick up our to go menus. I know they drop them off at large apartment buildings and stuff like that."

It's not just pizza and chinese food, either -- in fact, it's quite the opposite. Bucalo says he's just getting started and will continue to expand with new restaurants and cuisines.

"Yeah. Just whatever the people want."

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