(WRIC/AP) — President Donald Trump’s medical team will gave an update on his medical status Sunday morning.

Medical officials said the president finished his second does of Remdesivir last night and he has had no side effects so far and they plan to continue the five day course of the drug.

At yesterday’s press conference,  Dr. Sean P. Conley, Physician to the President, said Trump’s heart and kidney function were normal and he was not on oxygen.

While the president’s blood oxygen levels never dipped below 90 percent, Dr. Conley said they suddenly dropped below 94 percent on Friday and again on Saturday. He added they were now treating Trump with dexamethasone.

While the president has not worn a facemask in any of the video or photos released, Dr. Conley said all of Trump’s medical staff wears facemasks and full PPE around him. However, when Trump leaves the hospital and is around people not in full protective gear Dr. Conley said “as long as he’s my patient we’ll talk about wearing a mask.”

The medical team said overall Trump is doing well and could be discharged as early as Monday.