Cars, vacations, tuition: ‘Sugar baby’ status appealing to some college students


TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) – Jenny is a lovely young woman. Her bright smile, carefree demeanor and laid-back attitude puts people at ease instantly when she meets them.

Without a stitch of makeup on her face, this 22-year-old has a natural beauty about her, free from both cosmetics and the signs of stress. She’s also incredibly smart and on the path to achieving greatness, pursuing a career in holistic medicine.

In fact, the University of South Florida graduate is now in nursing school and when she’s done, she has her sights set on a masters degree.

But, there is something that this young lady will, most likely, not tell you when she meets you.

First of all, her real name is not Jenny and her college education has a very interesting backstory.

When she agreed to speak with News Channel 8, she was excited about sharing her story, but did not want to show her face. That’s because she did not want her parents to know her secret.

Jenny is a “sugar baby.”

For her, life is sweet. No bills, no debt, no worries. Her entire college life at USF, including her tuition, books, expenses, apartment, car, insurance – they were all paid for.

All $100,000 of it.

“It is a sense of freedom, because if I want to get up and do something, I have the means to do it,” she said.

For Jenny, becoming a sugarbaby was easy.

Her friend encouraged her to sign up for free on a website called

It is a wildly popular website that unites sugar babies with sugar daddies.

Wealthy men pay large sums of money and go through background checks to list their profiles so that younger, beautiful, college coeds can provide companionship.

It is so popular at USF, that the university is ranked number 12 in the country for sugar babies.

When Jenny signed up, she got a lot of attention. Before she knew it, dozens of wealthy, older men were contacting her.

In the end, she met a 55-year-old global business man.

“I mean, he was a nice guy, but I wasn’t attracted to him in that manner,” she said.  “He and I knew what it was when I was coming into it, so I didn’t want lines crossed.”

Indeed, Jenny knew exactly what she was doing. She describes their arrangement as a friendship.

No sex, no route romance, basically, he was a buddy – willing to spend big bucks on her and her education.

“I think it’s mutually beneficial to both partners,” Jenny told us. “Everyone is getting what they want at the end of the day.”

For her, it was all about economics, not emotion.

He paid the bills, she maintains, and that’s it.

How is this legal?

According to, “a sugar daddy relationship becomes prostitution when there is a specific agreement to exchange cash or material possessions for sex.”

“That agreement usually must be explicit and consummate almost immediately, which is why most sugar daddies are legal.  Couples tend to arrange their relationship so sex is not an explicit or dominant requirement.”

The website said instead, couples usually agree to social events, companionship and compensation.

There were all expense paid trips to Miami for her and her girlfriends.

But, when he wanted more – offering lavish getaways to Africa and France, fancy holiday presents and even a relationship?

She declined.

She claims that was never the agreement.

“If a guy wants to talk to you and you’re going to benefit from it, you should go ahead and do it. No reason why you shouldn’t.”

She describes what happened as a life experience, explaining that it was spontaneous and certainly not the normal thing that people do to get ahead. But, this was, for her, a way to get college paid for, she said, and leave school debt free.

That was her goal all along.

When he sought out more than that, the relationship fizzled. By then, she says she got out of it what she wanted. And, he did as well.

“It’s not sleazy, it’s smart. I’m debt-free and ready to start my life!”

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