RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — A group of bikers from Virginia and Maryland was involved in a horrific crash in Greensboro, NC Friday morning.

Six motorcyclists — five men and one woman — were taking a break on the side of I-85 when a tractor trailer hit them. The tractor trailer left the scene and continued south on I-85.

The group of bikers were on their way to a rally in Atlanta, Ga.

One of the cyclists, 37-year-old Arnie M. Morris of Woodbridge, was killed instantly.

Sunday morning we learned that 51-year-old Kenneth N. Jefferson of Chesterfield died from injuries he suffered during the incident. Prior to his passing, Jefferson had been listed in critical condition at Baptist Hospital in Winston Salem.

Jefferson was a father who was getting ready for another big milestone in life. He was engaged with a marriage ceremony set for this fall.

Another Chesterfield resident, 47-year-old Caroline Campbell Campbell, was treated for minor injuries and has been released from a local hospital.

The three other bikers who were injured are from Woodbridge and Maryland.

“It was just something, that we never would have expected,” said Valerie Travers, the founder of Central Virginia Fallen Biker Committee which held a fish fry on Friday to benefit the families of the crash victims. “Black Eagle Riders is a good group motorcycle club, a non-profit, and do a lot of work to help others in the community.”

“We are all one family of motorcycle riders so it upset everybody who heard about it,” added Brenda Sledge.

Now, the local biker community is standing together—praying the victims recover quickly.

“Devastated because I definitely know these people. Very compassionate, caring, very safe. And I mean, really good people,” said Travers.

State police believe the tractor trailer driver may have fallen asleep, but the investigation is just beginning.

The driver of the tractor trailer, 34-year-old Daniel S. Serna of Plantation, Fla., is being charged with felony hit-and-run and misdemeanor death.