Couple recovering after being struck by lightening at Henrico school sporting event


HENRICO, Va. (WRIC) — “There was a huge boom of thunder and the sound of a cannon and a flash of light,” Tracey Leverty recalled.

Leverty says she had just finished watching her daughter’s soccer game when she heard that loud boom in her car. Her husband was still on the field getting their daughter. Two spaces down she saw a couple that had been struck by lightening; grandparents that had come to watch their granddaughter play in the game.

“He was just kind of crippled and fell to his knees. She was just thrown back and just on her back,” said Leverty.

Leverty says within a few seconds she could tell it was lightening that had struck them and that’s when she pulled out her phone and called 911. She says it took about a minute for the woman to regain consciousness.

“She began to try and speak and her eyes were darting around and so she was awake in a sense but we didn’t know anything more than that.”

Meanwhile her husband stood by, though she says he complained he couldn’t feel anything below his knees.

“He was just crazy worried about her, which is the image that honestly brings me to tears, because he was terrified,” said Leverty.

The two are recovering at the hospital and according to the school system they’re in stable condition.

“It’s a huge sigh of relief. I’m just so happy they’re fine,” said Leverty.

Henrico County Schools say during games it’s up to umpires and refs to call games off, but say school administrators can also help make that decision.

“Clearly we take the safety of students, staff, and spectators at games extremely seriously,” said school spokesman Andy Jenks.

In this case the game was already over and he says it appears the storm popped up without warning.

“As it unfolded right then and there it tended to be rather fast for the people who were outside,” said Jenks.

Meanwhile the school system says it is reviewing everything that happened Wednesday night to see if any improvements need to be made.

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