HENRICO, Va. (WRIC) — A Henrico Police Officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter in the death of a Norfolk man last November, Commonwealth’s Attorney Shannon Taylor confirmed to 8News Friday.

Timothy Grant Million III, identified as the officer who shot Tony Singleton after Singleton flipped his car on I-64, appeared in court on Friday, Feb. 4 for processing after he was indicted by a grand jury the day before.

UPDATE, 5:18 pm: A Henrico Police Spokesperson initially claimed in a statement that Million was on “leave without pay status,” but walked that back in a followup email, clarifying that Million is, in fact, still drawing a salary from the county.

Million has been on leave from his duties since last November.

Court records show the charge filed against Officer Timothy Million.

Taylor tells 8News that the grand jury, formed from 7 Henrico citizens appointed by a judge, unanimously voted to indict Million.

Evidence presented to the grand jury included body cam footage and testimony from witnesses. Taylor added that her office didn’t make an argument to the jurors, but instead presented the evidence so they “could make their own determination” about whether to charge Million.

Part of that evidence was a bladed weapon found in Singleton’s waistband, according to Taylor.

Taylor has been in contact with Singleton’s family, who she said were “very shaken by what has happened.”

Million was released on a personal recognizance bond of $25,000, meaning he did not have to put any money up front to leave custody, but will forfeit $25,000 if he fails to appear at a later date.

As of Feb. 4, the indictment and other key documents in this case remain sealed by judicial order at the request of the Commonwealth’s Attorney. Taylor tells 8News they do not anticipate filing additional charges.