CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Chesterfield County man faces multiple felony charges after police say they found 52 suspected marijuana plants in his home and truck, 13 times the number permitted in Virginia.

The co-owner of a residence in the 7900 block of Winterpock Road reported that the other co-owner, identified as 57-year-old Charles Miller, was in possession of more than four marijuana plants, a Chesterfield police spokesperson said Wednesday.

Virginia’s new marijuana law allows homeowners to grow up to four pot plants at one time, with varying penalties for those caught with more than the limit.

Miller charles
Charles Miller is facing multiple felony charges after police found 52 suspected marijuana plants in his home and truck. (Mugshot: Chesterfield Police)

Plants can’t be visible in public and growers have to attach a legible tag with their name, driver’s license or identification number and a note indicating the plant is being cultivated for personal use. Growers must also make efforts to keep their plants out of the range of those who are under 21.

An officer responded to the home on Aug. 10 and found nine plants in the bed of Miller’s truck that were not labeled, according to police. The homeowner who intially informed police also reported that more plants were inside the residence.

The homeowners, including Miller, gave police consent to search the residence, police said. The officer discovered another 43 plants that appeared to be marijuana and about 1.5 pounds of suspected cannabis that was bagged up.

Miller was arrested and has been charged with possession with intent to sell, give or distribute more than five pounds of marijuana — which could come with up to 30 years in prison — and possessing more than 49, but no more than 100 marijuana plants, a possible Class 6 felony if found guilty.

On Thursday, one of Miller’s long-time neighbors said he was “in shock” after hearing about the situation. The neighbor, who didn’t want to be identified, said Miller largely kept to himself in recent years.

Miller is out of police custody now and will be due in court this October.

8News reached out to his defense attorney, who said “no comment” at this time.