RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Documents from the Chesterfield County Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court detail alleged domestic abuse between Dina and Kassceen Weaver, the two parents facing charges after the remains of their son Eliel Adon Weaver were discovered in a freezer in their Chesterfield residence.

A criminal complaint describes that Dina was subject to physical and emotional abuse, including being tied up and burned with a curling iron and being subjected to derogatory name calling from their other son at the direction of Kassceen.

According to the complaint, on the day police raided the home, Dina’s brother contacted Chesterfield County Police out of fear for his sister’s safety. He went went on to describe “manipulative” and controlling behavior on the part of Kassceen toward his wife. Her brother detailed that Dina wasn’t allowed to own a car, a cell phone or talk to her own family members, and that any contact they had was while Dina was working at a local Rite Aid as a pharmacist.

Another criminal complaint from Dina states “There is a history of physical and mental abuse (undocumented). I am fearful of the safety for myself and brother, as we are not supposed to have contact with each other.”

Kassceen is charged with concealment of a body, conspiracy to conceal a body, failing to render aid to a child, as well as for domestic assault and malicious wounding of an adult female, according to police.

Dina faces charges of conspiracy to conceal a body, and failing to render aid to a child.

Inside their home, police said they discovered a history of quote “grooming”, manipulation, and control of Dina. According to the complaint, Dina said after Adon died, police weren’t called because his body was bruised. Authorities are still waiting on a report from the medical examiner explaining how the boy died.

Dina’s brother told police Kassceen wrapped Adon’s body up and placed it in their garage freezer.

The complaint states after the couple was arrested, detectives asked Dina why her face was bruised. She told detectives the bruising below her eyes was from “a scuffle” with Kassceen. Detectives said it appeared Kasceen had no injuries during their arrests.

Both parents posted bail and are out of jail until their next appearance in Chesterfield JDR Court on Aug. 5 at 11 a.m.