WASHINGTON, DC (WRIC) — A D.C. jail guard who oversaw an entire housing unit has pleaded guilty alongside an accomplice who schemed with her to smuggle drugs into the district’s central detention facility.

Beverly Williams, 52, was a D.C. corrections officer and corporal who “was the Officer-in-Charge for shift’s in DOC’s Central Detention Facility,” according to a statement of facts submitted as part of her plea agreement.

Williams conspired with Keywaune McLeod, 28, a D.C. resident, and Andre Gregory, 31, his cousin and an inmate at the facility, to move drugs and other contraband into the jail.

In one call Gregory made from jail in June 2022, he asked Mcleod, “Is it possible somebody could meet you and drop something off at MGM?”

In other conversations later that year, Gregory said to Mcleod, “I told slim mother [referencing Williams] 7:00 o’clock so she going to meet you with that at 6:00.”

Gregory also repeatedly instructed Mcleod, using coded language, on how much to pay Williams for her assistance.

In one typical handoff in August 2022, Williams met Mcleod in front of a local high school, took a package of drugs from him and then drove to her shift at the jail. Although Williams was searched when she entered the jail, she was able to conceal the drugs on her person.

Then, she entered a housing unit under the guise of a security check, slipped into a shower area — where there were no cameras — then emerged a few moments later. Shortly afterwards, Gregory enters and leaves the same area.

Williams was paid $500 for that exchange, which Mcleod and Gregory also discussed on a jail phone line after the handoff was completed.

The scheme eventually unraveled when Williams was caught in September 2022 with two packages containing weed and pills concealed in her uniform.

Gregory is still awaiting a plea hearing in D.C. court.

Unmentioned in the plea agreement, but alleged in an affidavit filed with the initial charges, was an apparent intimate relationship between Gregory and Williams. At one point, in an apparent reference to Williams, Gregory told Mcleod he would “put a ring on that junk” when released.

The affidavit also spoke to a potential monetary motive for Williams, who investigators confirmed was a frequent customer at the MGM casino in Maryland — a frequent site of handovers between her and Mcleod.