WASHINGTON, D.C. (WRIC) — In May 2022, two Metropolitan Police officers responded to an apartment building in Southeast D.C. and found a woman clutching a towel to her bleeding head. Now, her attacker will spend four years in prison for the vicious hammer attack that left her paralyzed.

According to a police affidavit filed at the beginning of the case, officers responded to the building at around 6:40 p.m. on May 21 and found the victim surrounded by concerned citizens. She was conscious, but due to the severe injury to her head, was unable to speak.

Witnesses at the scene told the police that the victim had been arguing with her attacker, Kesha Honesty, 48, a short time earlier. One witness told the police that the two frequently argued, but that day, Honesty had slapped a drink out of the victim’s hand and then lunged at her with a hammer.

Residents pointed the police to apartment #203, and as officers climbed the stairs to question Honesty, they noticed blood on the stairway and on the door to Honesty’s apartment.

When questioned, Honesty claimed that she had only punched the victim, and that when she attempted to duck and avoid the blow, she fell over and sustained the head injury.

But according to the affidavit, police later searched Honesty’s apartment after her arrest and found a bloodied t-shirt and the hammer used in the assault.

In a statement released following Honesty’s sentencing, the U.S. attorney’s Office for D.C. said the victim had ten surgeries following the attack. She is now partially paralyzed and will likely require assistance for the rest of her life.

Honesty eventually pleaded guilty to assault with a dangerous weapon,