HANOVER, Va. (WRIC)  — An employee from a prominent church just jailed Friday for upskirting during a funeral.

Christopher Tyler pleaded guilty to the crime in Hanover District Court in exchange for less jail time.

The upskirting incident happened in May at Signal Hill Memorial Park.

Investigators say several people reported seeing the 26-year-old taking pictures up a woman’s dress.

Tyler works at Faith Landmarks Ministries. He’s also married to the pastors’ daughter. The couple have children.

Faith Landmarks Ministries, according to its website, has a congregation of more than 12,000 people.

Some of them question whether Tyler should still have a job. They’re uncomfortable with a convicted upskirter working near women and kids.

Tyler is in the Pamunkey Regional jail serving a 10-day sentence for his misdemeanor.

A judge suspended the remaining 170 days as part of a plea agreement.

No one answered the phone or the door at Faith Landmarks Ministries when 8News tried to get more information.