CHESTERFIELD COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — The son of Kassceen and Dina Weaver, Eliel Adon Weaver, was found dead inside of a freezer back in May. As officials continue working to figure out the circumstances under which little Adon died, his father appeared in Chesterfield Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court for his preliminary hearing on Friday.

After police found the child’s body, Kassceen Weaver was charged with conspiracy to conceal a dead body, concealing a dead body, failure to render aid, malicious wounding, and domestic assault and battery.

The defense argued on Friday that there was insufficient evidence that Kassceen Weaver showed malicious intent in concealing the body or that he was the one to conceal the body. The judge agreed and dismissed the malicious wounding and conspiracy to conceal a dead body charges.

The bulk of the original charges against him were nolle prosequi, meaning they were formally abandoned.

Instead, Kassceen Weaver has now been indicted on three new charges — aggravated malicious wounding, felony murder, felony child abuse and neglect. He will spend the weekend in jail and his bond will be determined in court on Monday.

Attorneys said that he will be arraigned on the new charges in circuit court as early as next week.

As for the child’s mother, Dina Weaver, her charges have been continued to Monday. Attorneys said that her preliminary hearing will most likely be waived and she will go on to the circuit court. The couple has separate attorneys.

The investigation that led to the discovery of the child’s body started after Dina Weaver’s brother contacted police that he was concerned she was in a potential domestic violence situation. This led to police getting a search warrant and investigating the couple.

In court on Friday, the details on the state of the child’s body were revealed. Authorities recalled searching multiple freezers in the garage of the Weavers’ home. There they found a box deep inside one of the freezers that they believed to be human remains.

Police testifying in court said the child’s remains were tied up with twine, wrapped in adult clothing and a sheet and then stored inside of a bag. The bag was placed inside of a sealed plastic container.

Police said upon locating the container, the smell from inside the container was indicative of human remains, so they involved the Medical Examiner’s Office.