HENRICO COUNTY, Va. (WRIC) — A Henrico man who is wanted in Hopewell for three different charges was arrested earlier this week in Lumber City, Georgia, after a high-speed chase with police.

According to a release from the Hazlehurst Police Department in Georgia, police had been searching for the suspect, identified as Rickey Carnez Jackson, for his connection to an armed robbery in Baxley, Ga., earlier this year.

Credit: Hazlehurst Police Department / Facebook

On Monday, May 16, Jeff Davis County detectives in Georgia located a vehicle that matched the description of a person of interest involved in the Baxley robbery. Jackson was driving the vehicle in Hazlehurst, Ga., when officers attempted to pull him over, but he failed to stop and a high-speed chase began.

Police pursued Jackson from Hazlehurst to Lumber City for approximately ten miles with speeds up to 120 mph. At one point during the chase, Jackson changed lanes on Route 341 and entered onto the one-way southbound lane on the other side of the median, forcing oncoming motorists to veer off the road. Shortly after, Jackson went through a residential area, hit a ditch and lost control of his vehicle, which caused him to go airborne. His vehicle landed on private property — damaging shrubs, mailboxes and other lawn decorations in the process — before coming to a complete stop.

Jackson then got out of the vehicle and continued his run from police on foot. He ran into a wooded area, where officers soon arrested him. There were no injuries reported in connection with the incident.

Photo of the arrest by Hazlehurst Police Department. The image was blurred by the department.

Hopewell Police have active warrants on Jackson for the following crimes:

  • Disregarding signal by law enforcement officer, eluding police
  • Reckless driving endangering life and property
  • Driving without a driver’s license

In addition to armed robbery, Jackson has been charged with the following in Baxley, Ga.:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Possession of a firearm while committing a crime
  • Kidnapping

Jackson was also wanted for the following crimes prior to his arrest:

  • Unauthorized use of a stolen vehicle
  • Assault on a family member
  • Strangulation causing wounding or injury
  • Petit larceny

The Hazlehurst Police Department in Georgia released a statement on Facebook thanking the different local law enforcement offices that helped track down Jackson. “This effort was a success in the apprehension of a very dangerous individual with incredibly terrible ideas and zero regard for the safety of others or himself,” the statement read.