HOPEWELL, Va. (WRIC) — One Hopewell family woke up to an unusual sight yesterday morning, after their son noticed that their plants were ripped out of their yard.

Deep holes of mulch, and dirt scattered across the sidewalk were left in the front yard of the family’s home after their plants were taken out of their flower bed. The family was in shock and surprised after two of their sedum plants were pulled up from their roots.

The mother, who does not want to be identified for fear of retaliation, told 8News that her son was in his room looking out of the window when he saw the person in the act.

“He said that he saw somebody wearing a dark jacket and a dark hat and described them as tall and thin, presumably male, but he didn’t see the face,” she said.

She said her family was wondering who did this and wanted to know how they could get them back.

“When I came out and saw that the plants were missing from the end of the walk, I was really surprised because I’ve never heard of someone stealing your plants out of the ground,” she said.

The woman said she worked at least 80 hours and spent at least $500 on landscaping last year.

“I worked really hard to make the house pretty and nice,” she said.

She told 8News, that this was the most upsetting in regards to the incident.

“It feels kind of violating,” she said. “It makes you feel a little unsafe. Like, what else are they going to try to do if they’re going to come on my property and then take something that’s rooted into the ground? What else are they going to help themselves to?”

There’s a private property sign sitting in the family’s yard and the homeowner said she plans to install a new security camera.

The family is not sure whether they will file a police report. According to Hopewell Police, the crime would most likely be considered larceny.