PETERSBURG, Va. (WRIC) — A Petersburg woman and her toddler are searching for a new place to live after a bullet flew threw their ceiling late Friday night.

It happened at the Tanglewood Apartments on Johnson Road just before midnight. Alisha Valentine said the gunshots woke her up from her sleep, but she made the startling discovery the next morning.

“I woke up to go fix my daughter some breakfast and the first thing I notice is a hole in the floor and it’s like a perfect sized bullet hole from the ceiling straight into the floor,” Valentine said. “They literally shot into my home. Me and my daughter could’ve been inside this apartment dead.”

Valentine said her 2-year-old daughter had been playing in that exact spot just 30 minutes before the bullet shot straight through their apartment. Pictures from the next morning show the child’s teddy bear less than a foot from the bullet hole.

 “I don’t feel safe being here,” she said. “I had to go a whole weekend sleeping on a friend’s couch because I don’t even want to bring her back here.” 

In an interview with 8News, Valentine revealed this is not the first time guns have been a problem in this Petersburg complex. She said days before, she heard gunshots outside her window and confronted neighbors about aimlessly firing shots in the neighborhood.

She claims management turned a blind eye to the situation.

“The leasing office said they were going to send the cops. I sat in front of that window all day. The property manager did not come. The police did not come,” she said. “Does it take something drastic to happen?”

8News made several calls to the Tanglewood Apartments to get answers. Shera Gormley, the property manager there, said Valentine will be able to break her lease with no penalty. However, she refused to answer what, if any, repercussions the other tenants would face for shooting through the ceiling.

And while Valentine will be moving, she’s calling for increased safety measures at the complex and accountability.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Valentine said. “This shouldn’t have happened a second time. A third time we maybe wouldn’t have been so lucky.”

The Petersburg Police Department is investigating Friday’s incident. If you have information, call police.