KILL DEVIL HILLS, N.C. (WRIC) — Police have confirmed the cause of death of two North Carolina roommates who lived in Kill Devil Hills was a case of murder-suicide.

Kill Devil Hills Police responded to a shooting in the 200 block of Burns Drive in Kill Devil Hills, N.C. around 4:15 p.m. on Wednesday, Sept. 14. Upon arrival, officers found 49-year-old Jennifer L. Hultzman and 63-year-old Tommy Pursley shot dead.

An investigation revealed that both Hultzman and Pursley lived at the home with several other roommates, and both had lived in the Outer Banks for many years. Police said Pursely shot Hultzman on the second-floor porch with a 9mm InterArms semiautomatic handgun, then went inside the home and shot himself.

Pursley and Hultzman reportedly did not have a relationship beyond being roommates for around five years.

Police said the reason for Pursley’s actions remains unclear.